the albion group

art direction/partial site design/flash development

albion group site redesign

the purpose was to show the agency's work and experience while also communicating their lighter side. the end result was an award winning interactive site where intuitive yet unique navigation leads to the exploration of an entertaining brand experience.


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karma loop


blog concept

take a streetwear culture and fashion blog, add, plus a sophisticated urban community and you get an opportunity to create a blog experience unlike anything you have consumed before. the concept is to invite qualified users to share streetwear culture and fashion then compare this dymnamic user generated content to create a blog experience that captures the living pulse of streetwear.

welcome to baires

art direction/design/logo design /branding/flash development

welcome to baires

this project required an identitiy system and e-commerce site that provides a market experience that gives back to the artistically rich culture that created it. baires may not save the world but it exists to propel positive change in the fashion industry.


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the albion group


site concept for
the albion group

creativity can be thought of as the combination of many moving pieces of life. when engineered correctly, the communication of these moving pieces creates its own new experience.